Your friendly but honest Christian friend...

Aka the Salty Pentecostal 🙂

Chelle (‘SH-ell-ee’)  is a passionate Christian and one of those people who will give it to you honestly without wanting to hurt your feelings. She’ll most likely say what she’s thinking, but if she doesn’t, her face will. She is an expressive and happy person and loves talking to new people! She excels in creativity and wanting to make people feel valued and encouraged. Rooting for them to do their best. Authenticity is one of her core values, living with a clear mind according to the Word of God. She is great at  quoting movie lines and knowing what she wants to eat.

Chelle doesn’t know everything but here she is writing and broadcasting her life experiences and faith to the world!

A little more...

In case we haven’t met, Hi! I am so glad you’re here! What you read above is a small synopsis of me but I wanted to share a little more. 

I am a wife, a daughter, a sister, a niece, an aunt, a Pastor’s Kid, a former homeschooler and yes, it’s true I do know a lot of movie lines. I’m originally from a small town in Indiana and now I currently live right outside of Charlotte, NC with my wonderful husband Steve.

A couple fun/personal things about me: I am in my 30’s. I got married to my best friend in 2021. I’m a self taught graphic designer and highly involved in my church. I love dogs. I tried the whole corporate career life but it wasn’t a longterm fit. I like a good bottle of red wine and whisky. I did ballet for over 15 years and still love to dance. I think coffee is better with cream and sugar. I love my family. I think potatoes need to be their own food group. My least favorite chore is matching socks.

Growing Up & Ministry...

I am a Pastor’s kid which meant I grew up going to church. But growing up I was blessed with a rare gift; my parents put family before ministry. I wasn’t demanded to serve and my parents didn’t expect me to take on their ministry. Sometimes being a PK means you’re automatically thrown into working in your parents church, filling in many gaps, but thankfully that’s not my story. But that didn’t mean God hadn’t called me to serve.

I’ve been working in ministry for ongoing 15 years. Learning, being educated, taking on multiple hats and tasks, mostly filling in the gaps (which are many), supporting my family and giving my best to my church family as well. If it’s one thing a lot of people underestimate is the skills and growth you can gain serving in church.

At the young age of 22 I took on the role of being the youth pastor and they were some of the most fun years of my life! Little did I know then, that it was the beginning of my calling to develop young Christians into strong, Jesus loving, Holy Spirit led disciples. Who not only say they love Jesus but think, act and talk like they do. 

So here I am, after a few years of struggling to fully embrace my calling, I am sharing and teaching what I know, giving you my best wisdom and teachings.

The Salty Pentecostal is where I get to share my truest passions and insight on multiple topics centered around Christianity and ministry. Maybe getting a little too honest but willing to talk about things you might not hear behind a pulpit.

So please don’t expect me to be perfect because I am not! But I firmly believe having a relationship with God is a daily thing, imperfect (on our end) but extremely real and fulfilling. 

I really hope to hear from you, see you around in the comment section or Instagram! Thank you for checking out The Salty Pentecostal! 🙂